Coolan Pipe Upgrade Kit
  • Coolan Pipe Upgrade Kit
  • Coolan Pipe Upgrade Kit
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This set of stainless steel coolant pipes replaces the weak factory plastic units that are prone to failures.

This item is considered preventative maintenance and should be installed on all 997 Turbo (2007-2009), 997 GT2 (2008) and 997 GT2RS models. This part is not required or compatible with 996 Turbo models (which already have a metal tube).

This is a separate part / not related to the coolant pipe failure people typically weld or pin: a known weakness of the GT1 engine is that the coolant pipes (6-8 per engine) come unstuck from various housings and cause complete catastrophic coolant failures.

This product fixes a lesser known issue involving the plastic coolant elbow pipes that run to the two oil coolers (aka heat exchangers). These pipes are molded plastic and have a very thin wall where the pipe connects to the engine with an O-ring seal. The problem is that over time and mileage, the thin plastic wall will break down at the o-ring slot (its weakest and thinnest point) causing a crack to appear. Eventually the whole engine will need to be removed in order to replace a cheap plastic tube. Both of these issues have been observed on the 997 GT3 and GT3RS as well.


Porsche 997 Turbo

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